human centered technology

Holistic Research

Customer discovery, academic research and multiple methods of inquiry help us to understand the full scope of complex problems.

Thoughtful Design

We consider user needs, social impact and environmental sustainability to identify solutions that provide the most value.

Accelerated Engineering

We use rapid prototyping and iterative development to experiment with new ideas and learn quickly what works and what doesn't.


Who we are

We are a creative team of designers and engineers that are equally inquisitive about people and technology.

What we make

We design products and experiences that augment human capabilities to help us adapt to a rapidly changing world.

What drives us

We aim to make technology that's expressive and changes lives.


Product Development
VR | AR | XR
Mobile Apps
Wearable Devices
Hardware Design
Digital Fabrication

Case Studies

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Hunter Futo, Product Design & Engineering

Hunter is a Product Designer & Engineer for wearable technology, connected embedded systems and XR. Prior to starting Materiael, she directed a design studio for emerging technology and spent over a decade as a program and product manager leading web and mobile app development for blue chip clients.

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