VR Haptic Platform

A VR Haptic Platform for the Adidas Harden Vol. 1 Launch


The rise of sneaker culture has changed the athletic footwear industry. Sneakers aren't just about footwear or fashion, they represent ideas about race, class and other forms of social meaning and belonging. To create buzz for the highly anticipated launch of the James Harden shoe, Adidas brought in James himself as a co-creator and our studio to develop a VR haptic feedback platform.


What transpired was a fully immersive experience that toured the world for three months. A pop-up installation with 360 degree video (produced by Tool of North America) and a haptic platform gave fans a reality-bending experience of standing in the center of a basketball court while James dribbled, jumped and slam dunked. Haptic feedback provided a tactile layer including gusts of wind and rumbling floors when Harden ran by. At the end of the experience, the viewer could glance down to see themselves wearing their own 3D pair of Harden Vol. 1 sneakers.


The launch was a success — Adidas was able to show the product in a highly engaging and 3D way that 2D images can't compare to. The experience was well-received by influencers and fans and contributed to a highly successful launch.

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