Basic Respirator

A reusable N95 respirator and accompanying mobile AR app designed for healthcare use


N95 respirators used in healthcare have serious safety, comfort and environmental issues. There are 59 million healthcare workers worldwide; over 70% are women and many are people of color. But historically, PPE has been designed to fit young, European white men.

129 billion face masks are discarded every month globally and disposable N95s create unfathomable amounts of plastic biomedical waste and Co2 emissions.


The Basic Respirator is an integrated solution that prioritizes comfort, safety and waste reduction. The halfpiece mask is constructed from a coated nylon fabric that is comfortable, durable and offers two-way protection. A neoprene gasket sits against the face to wick away sweat and provide an air-tight seal. The five available sizes are designed to fit 95% of the US workforce.

Mobile AR App

An accompanying augmented reality app measures your size, allows you to perform a virtual fit check & includes instructions for proper usage, sanitation and disposal.

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